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Domain Name Registration


When it comes to naming your business, such a simple task can make a big difference to your online traffic. We believe that the same rule applies when it comes to your domain name. It will tell your customers how to get to your website on the internet. With the right domain name, you can answer people’s questions before they even browse your website. How is this possible? Well it’s quite simple; you can tell your potential clients such things as where you are, and what you do. A good example of this would be something like ‘’ We know from this example here that the company is in Geelong, and that they are plumbers. So a good domain name is vital for your online identity and/or brand.

While most people think that a single domain name is enough, multiple domain names are even better. You may ask yourself as to why you would need more than one name, but we will explain to you why. Registering for more than one domain name will help your clients find you easier, and it will prevent your brand from being taken by anyone else. The last thing you want is for someone to register your business name as their own. It would be like having your identity stolen from you, and cause more problems when it comes to finding your business online. Take the example from before ‘’ While this is a great name for that business, we would have you consider registering the same name but without the ‘.au’ at the end. So it would then become ‘’ When you have done this, you would have secured your name both in Australia and internationally, and therefore no one else can take that name.

The team at Dobble will help you with your domain name so that you achieve the best results.