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Web Hosting


When it comes to hosting your website on the net, we don’t take any shortcuts. All of the servers that we use to host your site are Australian based to help give you peace of mind. We will ensure that you feel at ease for every step of the way to avoid any problems in the future. We know that your website needs to stay working for you, and so this is why you only get the most reliable servers.

A web hosting service is what allows your site to be accessed via the Internet. The web host is a company that will provide space on their server that is leased or owned by you; the client. It will also provide you with their Internet connection. The type of support that a web host will offer you is quite useful in the ongoing management of your web site. This support allows us as your web developer and you as the owner to make any required changes to your site at any time.

If your website is quite small, it may only need to be on a shared server. This means that it will be placed on the same server as a lot of other sites. These sites are also quite small in size so they do not require too many resources to host. They may also share resources such as RAM and the CPU in order to get the most of that server.

If, on the other hand your website is large, we will use a dedicated server to host your site. This will therefore guarantee 99.9% uptime. What this means is that the system will be online for that much of the time. If this promise is not met, then we will provide a partial refund for the time that is lost.