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What is E-Commerce? You have most likely heard of this term at some stage of your online experience, or even used it! One way to look at E-Commerce is when you make a purchase online by means of an electronic transaction. A purchase includes both products and/or services, and the best example of this would be a shopping cart. The way in which e-commerce works is as follows:

There are many benefits of e-commerce when it comes to both the buyer and the seller. The buyer will find that shopping online is quick, easy and convenient; it can be done from home rather than going to the store. It also means that they can compare products and services to find the most suited to their needs. Many buyers are turning to e-commerce due to lower prices than to that of the stores. The seller will benefit from reduced costs and shorter time frames when it comes to lead times and delivery. E-commerce stores can be found from anywhere in the world, and as a result, will allow for a much greater consumer reach.

At Dobble, we use WordPress as the base CMS platform for e-commerce. This, along with the WooCommerce plug-in, is used to enable these functions to your site. By using these platforms, our focus is on ensuring the highest level of functionality and security to our clients and their end-users. With e-commerce, transactions can be made in many different ways. This is why we will aid and assist you in understanding how all of these work, and with which method best suits you, and your business.