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Email Hosting


In addition to our web design and marketing that we provide for you, we also provide email hosting. We offer both POP3 and IMAP email accounts. In both cases, POP3 and IMAP allow the user to gain access to their email from a remote server. POP3 simply downloads your email to your device, but it will usually delete the email from the remote server. When you change or edit your email on one device using POP3, it will not change or edit the email on any of your other devices. So if you read an email on your PC, it will still be ‘unread’ on all of your other devices (such as a phone, tablet or laptop). This can be quite annoying if you have more than one device. IMAP, on the other hand, allows the user to store their email on the remote server. This is a much better system for people with more than one device. IMAP will synchronize the email on all of the devices, which typically suits most people in today’s busy world. So it saves you time, and we all know that time equals money.

While we do not offer to manage your Microsoft Exchange Email Server, we will aid you with its installation. To install this would generally cost around $300 per hour. But some people still take this option as they are more adapted to using this email server. We also use state of the art spam filters to help protect your system. We all know the severe effects of having a virus infect our devices, and so a spam filter will heavily reduce those risks.

For the sake of your privacy we are not able to see your emails without your authority first. This will give you peace of mind when sending or receiving your emails.