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As one of the most important aspects in creating a website that is both appealing and looking great, photography is the key to visual appeal. Not only is it used to attract the right people to your website, but it is used through your site to serve many purposes. The way we see it here at Dobble is, “the more photography, the better!” Let’s say you use photos on your Contacts page to show what your office or building looks like, inside and out. Not only does this tell your viewers and potential clients what you look like, but it comforts them in knowing that you actually exist! This, in turn, will make it easy for them to come and find you.

Photography is also very commonly used to show off your product. People are always curious about what your product looks like, and how it is made. By using photos, you are giving your viewers an insight into your business. It shows them how you operate, and the location in which it is made. In a bid to attract new clients to your site, photos can also be used in a portfolio or a work-reel.

Photography and SEO?


When it comes to the way in which photography works in relation to SEO, people tend to ask the same questions; “How does it work?” “Is it important to include photos on my website?” And if so, “How important is it?” Well these are all great questions that we, at Dobble, will love to answer them for you! It is essential to include photos on your website when it comes to SEO. The reason for this is that Google, and other major search engines, love to see that your web pages are unique. These search engines don’t want to see the same images (or text) that are used on other peoples’ sites. Google and Bing like to see at least one unique image for every page in your website. This means that most of the pages on your site (apart from such pages as Terms and Conditions, etc) should include photos that are unique to your business.