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How much will it cost to write up the content for my website?


What is SEO Copywriting?


SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to anything that is used to assist in the ranking of a website. This is done by applying certain rules and methods set out by search engines such as Google. Copywriting is when text or content is written for a certain website or web page. So the term SEO Copywriting is when text (or content) is written in such a way (it is optimised) that it engages with, and appeals to the reader. This copy content in designed around a small set of keywords that would be used by the reader when searching online.

Why optimise your copy content?


If your content lacks appeal to the reader or doesn’t follow certain rules set out by search engines, then your website will suffer. This means that it would almost be impossible to rank well in any of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In order for a user to get the most value out of their search results, search engines use complex algorithms to achieve this. Based on the words typed in the search, the search engines display all of their results that are the most suitable for that user. The main search engines today have become so good at finding the right website for us that most of us won’t even go to page two in the search results. In fact, 72% of us find what we’re looking for within the first page. This shows how important it is to rank as high as possible in the search results. While there may be many ways to ‘optimise’ your site, copywriting is one of the most important ones.

How SEO Copywriting works


When you know and understand what Copywriting is, you might be able to know how it works. Let’s say that you write content to target a certain market, or group of people. If your content is relevant to what you advertise, sell or offer, then they will find it valuable. This content might be for their needs or even the needs of someone they know. The aim is to get them engaged, and to think about your content so that they promote, link or share it online with family, friends or business networks. Search engines will rank your website according to the quality of these posts and promotions. We call this ‘successful copywriting’ because non-paying users are selling and promoting your product and website for you.